We offer a full range of insect sreens to protect your indoors from mosquitoes and unwanted pests allowing you to air your rooms thoroughly and have a restful sleep, even during warm summer nights. Insect sreens are custom made to match your unique measurements and can be used on windows, doors, balcony, porch and terrace openings. Standard  profile and cassette colours are white, brown and dark grey, but can be painted in any colour to match your window frame. The mesh itself comes black or grey and may have additional properties: add antibacterial or antiallergic for higher functionality, or choose a pet-safe strengthened mesh. Insect screens are an essential home accessory to increase your comfort and is agreed to be the most effective way to protect your home from insects while allowing daylight and air circulation.

Advantages of insect screens

  • The most effective protection against insects
  • Simple construction and easy use
  • Wide selection of colours and designs
  • Long-lasting product
Fixed frame insect screen

Fixed frame insect screens installed from the outside. In colder months the insect screen can easily removed.

Insect roller screen

Horizontal or vertical roll-up insect screens with aluminium cassette and guide channels. The screen can be easily opened and closed, with no need to be removed in winter.

Insect screen door

Insect screen with hinges designed for doors, installed from the outside. Comes with a magnet that keeps the screen closed.

Pleated insect screen

Pleated insect screen controlled vertically.

Sliding insect screen

Sliding fixed frame insect screen. 

Insect roller screen Maxi

Roll-up insect screens for large opening with manual or automatic control. 

Roller shutter Mosquito

Roller shutter with integrated roll-up insect screen. The roller shutter and the insect screen roll-up to the same box above when opened. Comes with double guide channels. More about roller shutter mosquito…

Fixed frame insect screen

Fixed frame insect screens are the simplest type of insect screens, yet a great way to protect the room from pests. Made with an aluminium frame, they can be easily removed in winter and intalled back in in spring, which helps the screen to last even longer.

Fixed frame insect screens are installed from me outside and kept adjacent to the window using special hook-holders that hug the window frame. This way the window frame is not damaged and the screen is easy to remove when needed.

Properties of fixed frame insect screens

  • System. aluminium profile, plastic corners, mesh, metal hook-holders, screws.
  • Maximum width. 2000 mm.
  • Maximum height.  2000 mm.
  • Control. Control chain or motor.
  • Measurement. Full width and height of the opening.

Insect roller screen

Insect roller screen rolls-up into a cassette, which can be placed horizontaly above the opening, or vertically on a side. When closed, the screen is kept in place with magnets which allows easy control of the system.

Insect roller screens are functional and easy to use. They are quick to open and can be used to cover doors and othher opening with intense movement. Unlike fixed frame insect screens, they can easily stay installed throughout winter.

Properties of insect roller screen

  • System. aluminium cassette, bottom profile and guide channels, tube, mesh, plastic control mechanism with springs.
  • Maximum width. 1500 mm.
  • Maximum height.  2400 mm.
  • Control. Manual with a handle on the bottom profile.
  • Measurement. Full width and height of the product.

Insect screen door

Insect screen doors are ideal for openings with intense movement, such as througholes to balconies and terraces. Made with an aluminium frame, insect screen doors are reliable and long-lasting products that protect your home from bugs in warm summer months. The door comes with springs and a magnet allowing it to swing back to its starting position and keeping it tightly closed.

Properties of insect screen door

  • System. Aluminium frame, mesh, seal, hinges, springs, magnet, handle.
  • Maximum width. 1200 mm.
  • Maximum height.  2200 mm.
  • Control. Manual with a handle.
  • Installation. Onto door frame from the outside.

Pleated insect screen

Pleated insect screens are designed to take as little space as possible and thus are perfect for openings where sliding, rolling insect screens or insect screen doors are impossible to install. Similarly to pleated blinds, pleated mesh folds to one side of a throughole leaving it open to pass through.

Pleated insect screens are an innovative and functional solution to protection you home from pests. They suit a variety of window and door models including sliding and French doors in summer months.

Properties of pleated insect screens

  • System. Aluminium side and top profile 30×30 mm, aluminium bottom profile 30×8 mm, sliding aluminium profile, black mesh, seal, springs, plastic handle.
  • Maximum width. 3000 mm.
  • Maximum height.  2600 mm.
  • Control. Manual.

Sliding insect screen

Sliding insect screen is a great solution for larger windows, terrace or balcony doors. They are convenient and easy to use and may come with more than one section.

Properties of sliding insect screens

  • System. Aluminium profile 40×13 mm, aluminium top and bottom profile, internal, mesh, seal, handle.
  • Maximum width. 4000 mm.
  • Maximum height.  2500 mm.
  • Control. Manual.

Insect roller screen Maxi

Roller insect screens Maxi are designed to protect large openings from insects. This is a great solution for open terraces, balconies, outside kitchens and other places with large openings to the outside. Guide channels use Zip system to lock the mesh inside and ensure maximum tightness.

Insect roller screen Max may be controlled manually or automatically, with a switch, remote control or a mobile phone.

Properties of insect roller screen Maxi

  • System. Aluminium cassette (85×95 mm), 68 mm diameter tube, bottom profile 47×19 mm, guide channels, mesh, seal.
  • Maximum width. 4000 mm.
  • Maximum height.  3000 mm.
  • Control. Manual with a handle. Automatic with a motor.

Colours of insect screen profiles

Types and colours of mesh